Monday, April 7, 2008


UGH!! Summer is quickly approaching and I love it... I love no homework, no shuffling kid to/from events, hot weather and vacations !! But with that comes added expenses.... no only fees for summer camp, $$ for summer fun and vacations.. We usually go on one family trip and I go on a girls only trip. This year we are going on a cruise.. Luckily we have had to pay in installments, so it did not hurt so much- not like coughing up $500 at one time would hurt... I usually try to go to the beach with my son at some point during the summer... We have also been invited with family to go to Disney in Florida in July. That should be a lot of FUN !! Getting my debt paid down is going to suffer for a few months... Although I am NOT going to charge anything on them, I am only going to pay the minimums for the next two-three months....

I know we do not need to go on multiple vacations, or even one vacation a year. But I enjoy it and soon my son will not want to spend time with me as he approaches teenage/adult age :) I need to enjoy this time. I do not mind making minimum payments for the next two months so that I can swing this...

On another note, one thing that I have also found profitable is selling on ebay. I enrolled sites such as pampers, huggies, enfamil, gerber, platex, johnson & johnson, etc.- pretty much anything that sends you coupons. From there they send you coupons. Then I check online at ebay to see how the coupons sell and then I list them. Also when I get gift cards from limited, bath & body works, etc for free products or % off, I list them also on. It really does not amount to much $ but every little bit helps.

Another suggestion other than cashcrate is They typically email you a survey to complete every 10 days. They will automatically credit your paypal account with the amount payable by completing the survey. (Usually about $2.25) This money can then be transferred to your bank account that is linked up to your paypal account.

Hope all of this helps you all...


change is a good thing said...

Hi! I found your blog via iVillage; what a great blog you have here. I have had great success with several other survey sites. I'd love to swap links with you.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for cashcrate but I am having a hard time completing the offers. Before I can complete the offers it ends up asking me to buy something. What type of offers do you complete and is your email account now flooded with junk mail???

I just had a baby boy four months ago and I am trying to find a way to stay at home with him. Daycare + gas prices don't make it worth the money of working outside the home. I am really interested in this (and other) opportunities. My email is Please help!


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