Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another month- no progress !!!!!!!

Current earnings: $64.04 earned this month and another $48.00 pending.

This could and should be higher- but I have been wrapped up with my day job and getting ready for Easter.

I noticed on my way home today that one gallon of gas is now $3.19... $3.19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a nightmare.

The only driving I do is necessary driving. I try not to drive unless necessary- such as work, errands, etc.

Hopefully when I get my check from cashcrate, it will help some with filling my tank up.. so much forn paying down these credit cards... another month, where the minimum will get paid and no money left over to pay more.

UGH !!!!!!!!!! So freaking frustrated !!!!!!!!!!!!! At this rate, I will be in DEBT FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Easter !!!!!!!!!

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