Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mystery Shopping

First let me apologize. I am new to blogging and for some reason all of your comments from a few weeks ago regarding wanting more information on mystery shopping did not get sent to my email address and the comments left on my blog somehow went without me seeing them.

I emailed more information to all of you who asked for more info. Let me know if you have any questions.

I am pretty sure that I got my blog linked to email me properly when someone posts a comment.

Friday, August 15, 2008

August 2008


Are you interested in earning money for reviewing various products and websites at your convenience, around your already busy schedule?

With cash crate there is no minimum time requirement. Any amount of time and any time of the day you are available you can work. This is perfect for stay at home moms, someone working to get their debt paid down, students looking to earn a few extra dollars for gas, and anyone looking for extra cash to supplement their monthly income.

Payments are generated on the 20th of the month following the month after the work was completed. Minimum payout is $20.00. Example: If you earn $20 or more in September, your check will be generated and mailed on October 20th. You have the option to select the payout. Some people want to have a higher payout (such as $50) and can indicate so on their application registration. You now also have the option of paypal to receive your monthly payments.

My first month I made over $70 and my second month I made over $100. It just depends on how much time you want to put in. So far, in 5 months, I have made over $300.00. I stay pretty busy with an active 12 year old son, so I can not give as much time as I would like to, but the money I earn comes in handy. It is great knowing that I can work a few nights from the convenience of my home office.

Please check out cash crate
for additional information and to register.

I will stay with you once you join and will help however I can. I want to to succeed and have as much, maybe more, success than I have had. This is a reputable company and the proof speaks for itself. Please see the photographs of one of my checks from them that is contained within my blog.

I do not want to promise you that you are "guaranteed to make over $1000 or more per month". I want you to go into this with all of the truth that I know from being a member for the last couple of months. And I want you to know the secrets and ways to be as successful as you can. Trust me, I learned some of my tips the hard way, but have since improved the way I complete the survery and opinions, which allows me to be more efficient and have a quicker earning potential. You can earn anywhere from $0.15 to $125.00 per opinion or survey completed. Just depends on how much time and energy you want to put into earning extra money. Some surveys - very few- are trial offers that do require a credit card- but you do not have to do them if you do not want to. Also, new surveys are updated as new companies get on board- so even if you run through all of the in your first month, surveys will be added.

Everyone over 13 anywhere in the world is encouraged to register and try it out for themselves. However, those people in the United States have more available offers, which means more surveys available, which means more money earned. Don't take my word for it. It is free to register, free to try it out. Just give it a shot for one month. If you are not happy with your earnings or decide you are unhappy with the job opportunity, you can delete your account at anytime. There are no strings or catches to this. It is free. No sign up fees or account maintenance fee. Also, there is no fee to process your check. This site pays actual cash.

Here are some tips for earning success:

When you decide to complete a survey- read the description. This will tell you what the survey entails. Sometimes it is to register and confirm your email. Sometimes it is to complete an offer or participate in the survey. Sometimes it is to completed at least two offers on the "final steps" page.

If you are completing any offers other than the
completed at least two offers on the "final steps" page, you do not have to do complete a Silver/Gold/Bronze offer- you can do the survey, but once you get to the page indicating that you need to complete a silver/gold/bronze offer, you can stop there. Unless it says in the description that you need to completed at least two offers on the "final steps" page, you do not have to complete it.

Also, some of them, once you get to submit after clicking "no" to all offers, will have a window pop up that says "you must say yes to one offer". At that point, click yes to one view the ad, and click either "no thanks" or "skip".

Some of the surveys are a few pages, but as long as you click either skip/no, thanks/no to the advertisement on the pages following registration, everything is credited. Some are ads basically to review companies advertisements. Since the do not call list was started advertisers are having trouble getting consumers to hear their pitch.

I would create a seperate email soley for the purpose of doing surveys because part of the way the company works and is able to pay money is they give out your email to companies so that they can email you information about their product. Some of the surveys require that you confirm and you will receive a seperate email from that site, with a link within that email to confirm. I do not want anyone to be caught off guard by the large amount of emails you will receive. Other than needing to confirm a survey here and there, you will not need to open the emails. I usually go in and mark all to delete when I do not have any that I needed to confirm via email.

Please note also that if you put your phone number (which you are required to do on some of the surveys), you will get phone calls. By signing up you give them permission to contact you. I have caller id, so I either do not answer it or I simply tell them I am not interested. You do not have to speak to them in order to have your account credited through the site.

I found that it works better if I complete a few a day, rather than a whole bunch. Some of the surveys are by the same site, so if you complete more than one, it will probably only approve one pending offer that you completed. Once it confirms, go on and do another one. You can usually tell the companies that are the same. For example, I usually go through a complete a few a night (or every few nights), but I make sure I only complete 1 participate in survey, 1 complete the survey, 1 fill out the information. Since chances are the same company has a few of the "participate in the survey" offers, I wait until one credits before I complete another one.

I opened a few different email accounts. (I did not heed my own advise to open a completely seperate email before signing up). Once you sign up with the site, you have to use the ORIGINAL email address that you signed up using to complete daily surveys but the other surveys can be completed using different email address.

Every day or so delete your cookies from your computer. Once you delete them the survey companys information is not imbedded in your computer and surveys should complete quicker. If you need additional help, let me know and
I will help as best I can. If I can not help, I will refer you to an administrator who can assist you.

Please note that only one account is availalble on each server/Ip address. So really only one person per house is able to register.

Also, you can do 2 daily surveys, each for 0.80 daily (some you have to qualify for). So right there if you only do that you can make $48/month, without doing any of the surveys.

Again, this is a great opportunity to
  • improve your credit score by earning additional income to put towards your credit cards or mortgage payments installments
  • pay off your car
  • save money for a down payment for a new car
  • with gas prices now, who could not use an additional second income
  • start saving early for Christmas presents
  • save money for a much needed vacation, maybe a cruise
  • save for home improvements

Everything Cash Crate

If you want to jump in and start making money working in your spare time, click here.

If you would like to see more information on my blog about how to earn money to supplement your income, check out this link, which will bring you to page of directions that I wrote- basically a "how to" guide.