Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great bonuses in addition to making extra money !

Cash Crate is offering great bonuses right now. They actually have two going on.

The first one is for a $250 gas card. If you earn $100 in a 90 day period, you will be issued a certificate and you will send in your gas receipts to cash crate and cash crate will issue you gas cards- up to $250. ($25 per month for 10 months)

The second one is a GREAT Contest. You will earn "crates" for each survey completed, each referral, each daily survey. The top 50 members who have the highest crate will win prizes, including a Wii, LCD TV, Ipod touch, Xbox 360, Digital Camera, DVD player, gift cards. Check it out. It is listed under contests, under your home page. About the pictures of the prizes, your "crate" counting will be listed.

This is such an awesome bonus- in addition to still earning money every month !!!!

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