Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another month- no progress !!!!!!!

Current earnings: $64.04 earned this month and another $48.00 pending.

This could and should be higher- but I have been wrapped up with my day job and getting ready for Easter.

I noticed on my way home today that one gallon of gas is now $3.19... $3.19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a nightmare.

The only driving I do is necessary driving. I try not to drive unless necessary- such as work, errands, etc.

Hopefully when I get my check from cashcrate, it will help some with filling my tank up.. so much forn paying down these credit cards... another month, where the minimum will get paid and no money left over to pay more.

UGH !!!!!!!!!! So freaking frustrated !!!!!!!!!!!!! At this rate, I will be in DEBT FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Easter !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gas prices

Is anyone else having a heart attack pulling up to the pump ?!?!?!?!? I swear, something really needs to be done with that... I do not even fill my tank all the way up because I know the number will be somewhere around $50 per tank... it seems more bearable doing $15.00 ever two days. I know it does not make much sense, but it works for me.

I called one of my credit card companies and got them to lower my interest rate two points, from 21.62 to 19.62... I just called and asked... I had to call a total of 4 times to get someone to do this for me at the company- all other operators said "no, sorry we can not", but for whatever reason (maybe my persistence) the customer service lady agreed to lower it for me. hey- very little bit helps...

Current earnings $50.90 deposited to date and another $55.50 pending.
Also, I have been a mystery shopper since 2006 for a national company evaluating various locations of a company in the area near where I live. I did this a bunch in 2006, but did not do any in 2007 (got too busy with my full time job to be able to commit to anything outside of my office) but started doing it again in 2007. The jobs are really simple- you basically have to be observant. So far, just since taking on mystery jobs starting March 3, I have $189 that will be deposited into my electronic account in April.

Unfortunately my tax stimulus rebate check thing is already spent on past due commitments (that are not included in this blog re: my credit card debt). This was not credit card dept but a loan.

Try my hardest to get these bills paid down.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Going GREAT !!!

Today is day six of working a little bit each night on online survery. So far, since Saturday, I have made a total of $77.87 in my account- $31.57 confirmed and $46.30 pending. This is wonderful.

As soon as I receive the check (around the 20th of next month) I will scan and post so that you can see for yourself.

If you have not checked it out yet, please do so.

Here is the link

Email me if you have any questions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

UGH !!


Are any of you still paying off student loans from the 90's. I have a student loan from 1998 that I am still paying. Actually, I did not start paying it until once I was finished with school- well, then I took a couple of deferments so I only started paying it about 3 years ago. Another WONDERFUL (sarcastic) perk is that my monthly payment is only $25.00. While I am thrilled that I am not bound to make larger payments, at this rate it will take me a little over 7 years to get it paid off. I would like to pay more to this nagging pesky little monthly bill, but the reality is that the interest rate for my student loan is incredibly low and it makes no sense to pay it off before I pay off my high interest credit cards.

Total from cashcrate so far (just since Saturday) is (drum-roll please) $41.13....

Also, I am going through my closet to get rid of clothes that I just don't wear anymore... I am going to list them on ebay. Hopefully this will generate some additional income... A little extra cash wil help, especially at the pump... I don't want to have to take out a loan for my next fill-up...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Total Debt

$4250.00... WOW what a scary number... that is the total of my credit card debts !!! I got online and checked my five credit cards webpages to determine my total balance owed to each...

Card #1 $1700 (interest rate 24.7%)
Card #2 $300 (29.74%)
Card #3 $1000 (21.62%)
Card #4 $750 (16.4%)
Card #5 $500 (16.4)

According to Suze Orman's book, Women & Money, you should pay off the hightest interest rate credit card, no matter the balance. Since my lowest amount credit card is also the highest interest rate, I am going to get that one paid off first.

I absolutely loved Suze Orman's book, however, most of her suggestions, I am already doing... (i.e. higher deductable on my car insurance, interest earning checking account, balance my check book each month). So it is hard to find extra money from my regular paycheck to put towards credit card bills.

I began this journey, that I know so many other people have already taken, to gain financial freedom. I want to be able to have a savings account and know if something happens where I need to come up with money (such as minor health problems, car problems, etc.) I will have it. At this point, I could not even deal with so much as a flat tire without having to borrow money from family. I HATE living this way and I am determined to make a change. I started making CASH online from just completing surveys. I have already earned $13.05 and I have an additional $25.50 pending from offers I completed, just since Saturday. At this rate, I could have my debt paid off eight to nine months, with only working online 15 days out of the month.

If you are in the same position as I am with debt mounting up or if you are just looking to make some extra cash, check out - it is absolutely FREE... no costs... you dont have to give them your bank account... they use your paypal account or they issue you a paper check.

Anyone else in a similiar position? Please share your experience. Any suggestion you might have or post and let us know what has been working for you to get out of debt.

Paying Off Debt

I decided to embark on this journey after reading other blogs written by women who found themself in the same position as I am- TOO MUCH DEBT. We all know how to get it paid off and that we need to get it paid off, especially if our credit cards are very high in interest rates. I have one card that is 29% interest rate. However, I have the problem of not having enough money left over from my paycheck to pay any additional money on the credit cards, other than the minimum. Even then sometimes I have to go right back to using the money just paid on the card to put gas in my car. I want to get out of this hole. I suspect that alot of people are in the same position as I am.

I began researching online- ways to make cash from using different sites on-line. I made sure that I did not join any sites that required a start up fee. No company that is legimite is going to make you pay ANY fee in return for your opinions. So far, after only two days, I have $13.05 in my account and another $25.50 pending - JUST for MY OPINIONS.

I found out that the reason these companies pay ordinary people, just like you and me, for our opinions, is that since the installation of the do not call list, companies are prevented from contacting ordinary consumers. On-line is a way that you can complete different surveys for companies to give them your opinion.

Additionally, allows you to complete 2 daily surveys, each for $0.80, just for completing. Simply by completing these two surveys daily, you can earn $48 in just one month. As soon as I receive my first payment I will post proof of the payment. Payments are paid out on the 20th of the month following the month that the surveys were completed. I expect to have my check from cashcrate on or around April 20th.

Check out this site and see for yourself. Please post and let me know how you are doing getting out of debt.

Everything Cash Crate

If you want to jump in and start making money working in your spare time, click here.

If you would like to see more information on my blog about how to earn money to supplement your income, check out this link, which will bring you to page of directions that I wrote- basically a "how to" guide.