Sunday, March 9, 2008

Paying Off Debt

I decided to embark on this journey after reading other blogs written by women who found themself in the same position as I am- TOO MUCH DEBT. We all know how to get it paid off and that we need to get it paid off, especially if our credit cards are very high in interest rates. I have one card that is 29% interest rate. However, I have the problem of not having enough money left over from my paycheck to pay any additional money on the credit cards, other than the minimum. Even then sometimes I have to go right back to using the money just paid on the card to put gas in my car. I want to get out of this hole. I suspect that alot of people are in the same position as I am.

I began researching online- ways to make cash from using different sites on-line. I made sure that I did not join any sites that required a start up fee. No company that is legimite is going to make you pay ANY fee in return for your opinions. So far, after only two days, I have $13.05 in my account and another $25.50 pending - JUST for MY OPINIONS.

I found out that the reason these companies pay ordinary people, just like you and me, for our opinions, is that since the installation of the do not call list, companies are prevented from contacting ordinary consumers. On-line is a way that you can complete different surveys for companies to give them your opinion.

Additionally, allows you to complete 2 daily surveys, each for $0.80, just for completing. Simply by completing these two surveys daily, you can earn $48 in just one month. As soon as I receive my first payment I will post proof of the payment. Payments are paid out on the 20th of the month following the month that the surveys were completed. I expect to have my check from cashcrate on or around April 20th.

Check out this site and see for yourself. Please post and let me know how you are doing getting out of debt.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post related to problematic debts along with your experience. I was also facing the debt problems but now i have overcome the problem & become debt free.
By the way congrats for maintaining such a good debt related finance blog.

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