Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yeah !!! hit the $550 in extra money !!

Between working with cash crate and Associated Content (writing articles) I have earned over $550 !!! Working to get cc debt paid off, but I must admit I have had to tap into this money for little things like GAS !!

BUT I did earn enough with cash crate to get the $250.00 in free gas. The way it works is, one you earn enough (I think $100 in 90 days) you are enrolled to receive $25 gas gift card for every $100 of gas you buy. Once you have $100 in receipts, you mail it in along with a voucher and you are sent a $25 gas card ! This runs for 10 months- for a total of $250. This is an awesome why to earn some perks !! Who could not use $250 in gas. I easily put $100 in my tank within 2 weeks !!!

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