Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yeah !!! hit the $550 in extra money !!

Between working with cash crate and Associated Content (writing articles) I have earned over $550 !!! Working to get cc debt paid off, but I must admit I have had to tap into this money for little things like GAS !!

BUT I did earn enough with cash crate to get the $250.00 in free gas. The way it works is, one you earn enough (I think $100 in 90 days) you are enrolled to receive $25 gas gift card for every $100 of gas you buy. Once you have $100 in receipts, you mail it in along with a voucher and you are sent a $25 gas card ! This runs for 10 months- for a total of $250. This is an awesome why to earn some perks !! Who could not use $250 in gas. I easily put $100 in my tank within 2 weeks !!!


girlndebt said...

$550 is great. It is too bad that every time we get a little extra money-things like food or gas prices seem to go up. It is hard to chip away at debt when you take anything extra just to cover the basics.

You are doing well. I too do cash crate and mystery shop and surveys-I am the queen of surveys I also recently just started writing for AC. So far so good.

Keep it up-you will knock that debt out in no time.

Ms. Single Mama said...

Good for you! I'm earning money with my blog finally - just put my first ad up!

adamsmom06 said...

That is really great! I enjoy your site as I am a single mom with a *gulp* signicant amount of credit card debt myself. I have tried freelance writing on the side and your site has given me other ideas to make money online . Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your tips!

Living Cheap said...

Wow! You're off to something really worthwhile. I just started with Cash Crate and getting use to the new environment with Cash Crate. I presently live and work for the most part entirely online and looking forward to such earnings in the future. Thanks for sharing.

debt negotiation said...

I actually did not know people really, truly made money with associated content. Thanks for letting me know.

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