Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gas prices

Is anyone else having a heart attack pulling up to the pump ?!?!?!?!? I swear, something really needs to be done with that... I do not even fill my tank all the way up because I know the number will be somewhere around $50 per tank... it seems more bearable doing $15.00 ever two days. I know it does not make much sense, but it works for me.

I called one of my credit card companies and got them to lower my interest rate two points, from 21.62 to 19.62... I just called and asked... I had to call a total of 4 times to get someone to do this for me at the company- all other operators said "no, sorry we can not", but for whatever reason (maybe my persistence) the customer service lady agreed to lower it for me. hey- very little bit helps...

Current cashcrate.com earnings $50.90 deposited to date and another $55.50 pending.
Also, I have been a mystery shopper since 2006 for a national company evaluating various locations of a company in the area near where I live. I did this a bunch in 2006, but did not do any in 2007 (got too busy with my full time job to be able to commit to anything outside of my office) but started doing it again in 2007. The jobs are really simple- you basically have to be observant. So far, just since taking on mystery jobs starting March 3, I have $189 that will be deposited into my electronic account in April.

Unfortunately my tax stimulus rebate check thing is already spent on past due commitments (that are not included in this blog re: my credit card debt). This was not credit card dept but a loan.

Try my hardest to get these bills paid down.

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