Friday, April 25, 2008

CHECK ARRIVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a copy of the check I received today from my earnings for March from So far for the month of April I have $82.02 and another $3.00 in pending offers. (Remember the checks for April will be cut around May 20th.)


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious why you're focusing so much energy on this CashCrate and Mystery Shopper thing. These fly-by-night "free cash" theories are quick fixes, but will not solve your longtime financial problems. I think you might be better off focusing your energy on getting a job promotion or raise... something more long term, no?

Samantha said...

Hi I wanted to say thank you for listing your blog on Glamour, I found cash crate though it. It is helping me have a little fun money once in a while. I think you need to post your referral link on your page, so you can earn $$ from ppl who sign up b/c of you. I would have but didn't see a link on your site here. Good luck to being debt free someday!

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